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Projects made in Mittelab

  • Stampante 3D - 3D printer based on Prusa Mendel with custom-designed parts.
  • LogicBoxen Scatole didattiche componibili che implementano le varie funzioni logiche.
  • DonationBox Super Mario themed donation box with sound
  • Line Follower Line Following robot (winner of Mini Maker Faire TS 2k16 competition)
  • radialSketch Vertical plotter
  • KeycardAccess Open the space with a RFID card
  • RadioHack Transform an old radio into a multimedia center
  • pop-pop boat Create a pop-pop boat
  • CO2SHOCK ADAM module library for geological studies FIXME: project status
  • Certificati digitali per i corsi: generazione automatica e firma digitale degli attestati di frequenza ai corsi
  • mittelBot: IRC bot (Limnoria) with Telegram bridge plugin


  • OFFTOPIC!: A button to (try to) put a stop to off-topic discussions


Mojca & Vincent



  • NeuROOMBA: Intelligent system for home cleaning


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